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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Study the Gospels In A Year!

Matt Warner over at Flocknote has been talking about this for a while now, after "Study the Catechism in a Year" was a big hit for the Year of Faith.

Flocknote is a messaging tool for email and text that makes it really easy for groups of any size to easily communicate. I use it frequently for my various ministries at my parish.

It's great that Flocknote offers these free studies because I'm not gonna lie--it's easier for me to read an email than to crack open a thick, heavy book in some sort of structured way.

Speaking of that thick, heavy book...

They'll be using the Ignatius Study Bible, which is a Revised Standard Version translation! It'll have commentary from some well-known theologians! EXCITE!

You can sign up here:
Flocknote - Study the Gospels In A Year!

They will start sending out Flocknotes for this on Monday, December 9!

Here's to learning more!

- JD

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